South Essex Sessions Up & Running

South Essex Activity Sessions Up & Running


We are pleased to announce that our South Essex Brain Injury Hub, has rolled out various different activity sessions throughout the summer months, to help people to become more independent and confident.


Brain Injury & Me


Our foundation activity is Brain Injury and Me, a programme created to give the individuals a better insight into their injury, its effects and impact on others and tools and techniques to compensate.


The feedback we have received has been very positive. The attendees claim they have gained peer support and are able to talk freely about their condition, something they may feel unable to do with close family, but with a little encouragement, this obstacle has been overcome. These sessions run for a 9-week period on a Wednesday Morning commencing at 10.00am, until approx. 13.00pm.


Fitness for All


We have also rolled out Fitness for All a gentle exercise class suiting all abilities, which can be done seated or standing. During our class, we aim to help improve balance, posture, core strength, muscle strength and co-ordination. It truly does not matter what your ability is, almost anyone can join in, including those in a wheelchair. Our client’s say they receive great peer support, have a good laugh and enjoy the group discussion once the session has finished. Fitness for All is held every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm, until approximately 14.15pm.


Cooking for the Brain


Our Cooking for the Brain session, follows the Fitness for All class. This is a class to help individuals gain some independence in the kitchen, preparing basic meals using healthy ingredients that can be beneficial to the brain. Cooking for the Brain is held every Tuesday from 14.30pm, until 16.30pm. You may choose to come along to both Fitness for All and Cooking for the Brain on the same day.


Fatigue and Me


Fatigue and Me, will soon be commencing in October. During this session we will discuss ‘What is Fatigue’, it’s effect’s on you and others, we will also look at ways to help you reduce your fatigue levels. These sessions will run for a period of 2 hours, commencing at 14.00pm on a Wednesday afternoon, over a 5 week period.


Contact us


Over the course of the Autumn more sessions will follow, which will be announced in our next Newsletter. To access our sessions please contact the Benfleet Brain Injury Hub on 01206-482461 to gain further information. Please note our sessions will be subject to an assessment.

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