Below, we have pulled together a broad range of links to Headway e-booklets and factsheets that provide valuable information on the symptoms and practical issues associated with brain injury.

To make it as easy to navigate as possible, we have grouped the information into the following categories. If you click on a category you will be directed to that area.

About brain injury

About brain injury

Hospital treatment and early recovery after brain injury

Concussion in sport

Hypoxic brain injury

Waiting for rehabilitation after brain injury

Effects of brain injury

Balance problems and dizziness after brain injury – causes and treatment

Balance problems and dizziness after brain injury – tips and coping strategies

Coma and reduced awareness states

Coma stimulation activities

Coping with communication problems after brain injury

Coping with hemiplegia and hemiparesis

Coping with memory problems

Depression after brain injury

Dysphagia after brain injury

Epilepsy after brain injury

Executive dysfunction after brain injury

Hormonal imbalances after brain injury

Lack of insight after brain injury

Loss of taste and smell

Managing anger tips for brain injury survivors

Managing anger

Managing fatigue

Memory problems after brain injury

Mental health and brain injury

Post-traumatic amnesia

Prosopagnosia face blindness after brain injury

Psychologic effects of brain injury

The effects of brain injury

Employment and education

A guide to the equality act 2010

Financial support when returning to work

Returning to education after brain injury

Returning to work after brain injury

Self-employment after brain injury

Family and relationships

Parenting after brain injury

Relationships after brain injury

Sex and sexuality after brain injury

Supporting children when a parent has had a brain injury

Legal issues

A guide to disability discrimination law

A guide to insurance policies after brain injury

A guide to personal injury trusts

A guide to the mental capacity act

Claiming compensation after brain injury

Mental capacity supporting decision making after brain injury

Practical support

A guide to disabled facilities grants

A guide to welfare benefits after brain injury

Driving after brain injury

Holidays and travel after brain injury

Making a complaint about health and social care services

Redeveloping skills after brain injury

Rehabilitation after brain injury

Self-directed support

A guide to the WSA and ESA50

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