Our work at The Headway Centre and within the community aims to encourage independence, whilst giving you respite.

At The Headway Centre in Colchester, which has easy access to the A12, encouraging independence is key. We provide a broad range of physical, cognitive, social and educational activities. These can help your loved one re-gain lost skills, develop new ones, build their confidence and promote independence.

In total, there are 82 places across five days (Monday-Friday).

We take great care to work collaboratively with you, your loved one, Case Managers and other professionals involved in their rehabilitation.

As a mother, I know she is enjoying herself and in good caring hands. For myself, it means I have a little time to do things for myself without having to worry

Headway Essex has been a lifeline to me and given me hope for a better outcome for the future

As a carer, The Headway Centre, gives me respite for a day. It gives great back up if required and when problems occur

Encouraging independence through rehabilitation

We provide adult education to improve cognitive ability, to help restore normal functioning or to compensate for cognitive issues. For each individual we provide a programme of specific skills, training and practice with a wide range of activities and identify solutions for individual problem areas, all of which helps to encourage independence.

Building confidence in social situations

Our work engages the person you are caring for in such a way that it rehabilitates whilst promoting a renewed sense of purpose and social structure.

Throughout virtually all activities, social skills are developed, including recognising other people’s needs, taking turns, listening and making yourself understood. These are all skills we take for granted but can be lost after brain injury.

The referral process

We can assist you in helping you find out what support the person you are caring for might be eligible for and if a place at The Headway Centre is right for them.

Places at The Headway Centre need to be funded. Usually, Social Care pays for some of all of an individual’s care package at Headway Essex. Alternatively, the care package may be funded through a personal health budget, or occasionally by private means.

To discuss further, please contact Headway Essex’s Community Support Team.

To contact the community support team, please call 01206 768797 or email us


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