Following the acute medical stages, there are very few Essex-based statutory services available to adults with a brain injury.

This is where Headway Essex offers much-needed support and advice, for both the injured person and their carer.

Whether you are a nurse, case manager, doctor, social worker, physiotherapist or occupational therapist, you’ll find it helpful to know what support is available at Headway Essex.

With Headway Essex’s support, I am able to live more independently

Every time I visit, I am reminded by the care team at Headway Essex how to cope with a disability with courage, dignity and a sense of humour; because you never know what’s round the corner

Headway Essex has been a lifeline to me and given me hope of a better outcome for the future

As a charity, there’s a lot those you are supporting can access for free or at a very low cost. For instance, we have a free support line that we operate (8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday-Friday).

Through the help line, we provide direct, emotional and practical support and advice to help those living with acquired brain injury, including family and friends.

The support line is also the first point of call for accessing any of Headway Essex’s services and will manage all referrals, including those day services and activities at our North Essex and South Essex hubs .

To contact the community support team, please call 01206 845945 or email us

If you or somebody you know has suffered a brain injury, make a referral to Headway Essex

Support groups

We also run a number of support groups and specialist educational programmes for those with a brain injury, their carers and professionals involved with acquired brain injury.

People come to the support groups for many reasons. Some to chat to others in a similar situation as themselves, to gain information and advice and others to listen to the varied talks from organisations and professionals working in the field of acquired brain injury. The people who attend the support groups are at different levels of rehabilitation and ability.

Our Support groups are a place to feel comfortable, they are very welcoming and the people who come are always happy to see new visitors.  Many friendships are built within each of our support groups.

It is fantastic to be able to talk and listen to others and learn.  I was in a completely bereaved state – you do not get used to it, but with Headway Essex’s help, you adjust

We currently have four client support groups across Essex that meet each month in locations that are both easy to access and offer a relaxing atmosphere.

In addition, we also run carer support groups throughout Essex. We try our best to make sure we keep the costs to a minimum. There is a charge of £2.50 per person or £5 per family for each of our support group meetings.

If you are somebody who would benefit from attending one of our support groups or if you would like to attend yourself, please contact Headway Essex’s support line in the first instance.

Brain Injury & Me Programme

We also run a Brain Injury & Me Programme that provides focused support for adults with acquired brain injury and help them get their lives back on track.

The programme is aimed at the brain injured person as well as their families and carers. This enables us to obtain a view from both perspectives as clients often see their situation in one way, while families and carers, see it another.

Each week, we focus on specific areas, for example:

Introductions and stories of living with an acquired brain injury, where relatives and carers are welcome to attend.

We explore the anatomy of the brain with a focus on managing fatigue, attention and memory problems

We study attention difficulties caused by brain injury and how people can use strategies to cope.

We look at the causes of memory failure and coping strategies that help

We discover how a brain injury can affect emotional status and change behaviour

We help individuals, where relevant, explore plans for getting back to work, volunteering or training after injury

These groups are largely dependent on funding in order to run. To find out about the next course, please contact the Headway Essex support line on 01206 845945 or email us


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