It can be challenging, and often frustrating, adjusting to life after a brain injury.

It can also be difficult to understand who has responsibility for different aspects of your care. Below, you will find some useful advice on early recovery and rehabilitation.

In hospital and early recovery

In a specialist rehabilitation setting, a ‘multidisciplinary’ team of professionals will work closely with you as the patient. Each therapist will carry out detailed assessments to explore the extent of the difficulties caused by your brain injury, including physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social difficulties.

Based on their findings and recommendations, they will work with you and your family on agreeing a rehabilitation plan.

You or a family member can contact our Support Team through the Headway Essex Support Line whilst in hospital.

Our specialist support workers have extensive experience of supporting people with acquired brain injury and can offer you much needed support.

As a guide on what to expect in hospital, download Headway’s ‘Hospital Treatment and early recovery after brain injury e-booklet’

Hospital Treatment and early recovery after brain injury e-booklet

To contact the Headway Essex Support Line, please call 01206 845945 or email us

Rehabilitation and support

Rehabilitation aims to help you re-gain some of the skills you may have lost or learn alternative ways of working in order to limit the long-term impact of your brain injury.

You may have heard professionals talk about brain ‘plasticity’. What this means is that the brain is able to reorganise itself, to an extent, to regain some lost function.

Other areas of the brain can take over the activities of the damaged areas by establishing new nerve pathways. Engaging in activity helps these alternative pathways to develop. This is why the many activities and services Headway Essex offers are so important.

These downloadable PDFs below will help you understand a bit more about rehabilitation:

Waiting for rehabilitation after brain injury


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