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Whenever I enter the centre, I am met with smiling faces, staff and attendees. If I have a problem, you only have to ask for help and if they can, they will!

Without quibble, if it works for carers it must be the same for attendees. That goes for the both the centre and town office staff.

The social meetings are a great idea. Meeting other carers who can give support on problems, give advice, or know someone who can.

When my wife Ginny was in hospital after the accident, the social worker mentioned Headway. Not knowing what Headway was, I gave it no thought. It was only when Karen and Kevin came to assess her at home that it was made clearer. That was in 2006 and the service has been excellent ever since. Me and my wife can not fault the service that they give. Well done Headway, keep it up. 



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