The Headway Centre

We understand the impact a brain injury can have on everyday living.

At the Headway Centre in Colchester, which has easy access to the A12, we provide a broad range of physical, cognitive, social and educational activities. These can help you re-gain lost skills, develop new ones, build your confidence and promote independence.

Working directly with you on your own goals, your allocated key worker will assess your needs and recommend which activities will be of the most benefit to you. For this, we use the outcome star assessment tool.

In total, there are 82 places across five days (Monday-Friday).

Open Monday to Friday, with each day structured differently to meet the individual needs of those attending, we are able to offer:

This gives those who attend the chance to understand more about their injury and discuss any challenges they are facing. Through specialised education we can help improve your cognitive ability, help restore functioning or compensate for cognitive deficits, including reading and writing.

Our qualified therapists provide sessions in yoga, physical exercise and access to a specialist gym. These sessions are suitable for people of all abilities. The activities help to improve your health and mobility by strengthening your muscles and aerobic ability. They are also great fun! 

We offer peer support and professional support to help with communication skills and connecting with others. This gives those who attend the chance to understand more about their injury, connect with people in the group and learn how to reconnect with others. 

We host a range of social activities and services within the community that have been carefully selected to help build confidence, and for many, make new friends.

Specialist assistance in supporting you to re-learn lost skills. It could be that you need help with identifying different types of currency, counting, or shopping. Or perhaps you would like assistance with your memory, advice on achieving a balanced and varied diet, or tailored support to improve your writing and reading. Whatever your individual needs are, we can help.

The referral process

You will need to be referred into The Headway Centre. It is usual for Social Care to pay for some or all of your care package at Headway Essex. Alternatively, it may be funded through personal health budget, or by private means.

To discuss this further, please contact Headway Essex’s Support Line.

To contact the Headway Essex Support Line, please call 01206 845945 or email us


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