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Olivia English

Budding artist wins award at Lloyds of London Art Exhibition We are very proud of client Olivia English who exhibited at the Annual Lloyds of London Art Exhibition held on 22 – 26 October 2018. Having suffered a near fatal brain haemorrhage and undergoing surgery in late 2015, Olivia received two years of therapies and […]

Chrissy's story Headway Essex

Introducing Chrissy’s Headway Essex story In 2007 I went for a hearing test because I was noticing that I could only respond to sounds from the back but not the front. My friends, who I would go to karaoke with, also found it difficult to communicate with me at times because I simply couldn’t hear […]

Shirley and Joe

Life after brain injury…Shirley’s story This month marks a year since Shirley had her stroke. We interview Shirley to find out more about her life after brain injury. On 14 September 2017, Shirley was at home with her husband of nearly 50 years, Joe, who she affectionately calls Joey! “I remember that day clearly” recalls […]

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