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It is frequently said that there are not just brain-injured individuals but rather brain-injured families, because the whole family is affected. Research into the effects of brain injury on the other family members gives some indication of the extent of their difficulties.


For example:



Families need attention, education, guidance and support if they are to rebuild their lives. These can be accessed through various parts of our service, for example:



Following a brain injury a family member can find that overnight they have become a carer but they don’t see themselves in this ‘role’. However as a ‘carer’ you are likely to have just as many needs as the person that you are looking after. You may also need support in dealing with a range of emotions you may experience. These may be frustration; resentment; guilt; anger; fear; loneliness and depression.


Carers UK is a National Organisation which provides support to carers and they have produced a booklet entitled “New to Caring?” which provides information and advice on all aspects of caring, for example:



Please go to www.carersuk.org to download a copy of this booklet or for further information on carers’ issues. Other sources of support and information can be:



Suggested reading

“Head Injury – A Practical Guide” by Trevor Powell

“The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring” by Hugh Marriott

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