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Headway Essex Community Support Service 

Support for those with Brain Injury

The brain is the control centre for everything we think, feel, and do.


It is a fragile structure encased in a hard shell (the skull), so it is not surprising that any injury to the head can result in brain damage.


Any damage to the brain may have profound and devastating effects on your ability to manage your life.


Brain injury is often known as the "hidden disability" because the problems which arise from an injury to the brain are not always obvious to another person. Other people can see and often understand the limitations caused by a physical disability, but you may have experienced how difficulties with thinking skills and behavioural changes are often misunderstood.


Some of the most common difficulties experienced following a brain injury are:



Understandably, if you are experiencing one or more of the above difficulties, it may be affecting how you manage your day-to-day life.


Even mild brain injury can change your ability to work and your lifestyle.


If you would like to talk to someone about any aspect of your brain injury or come along to one of Headway’s Support Groups please contact The Community Support Team on 01206 768797


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The Community Support Team work from three offices, the Colchester Office, the Benfleet office and the Epping Office. Please see below the full addresses of each of these offices. 


Colchester Office: Open Monday - Friday

58b Head Street





Benfleet Office: Open Monday and Thursday 

Benfleet Methodist Church 

South Benfleet



Epping Office: Open Monday and Tuesday

323 High Street


CM16 4BZ




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