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Providing Brain Injury Care & Support

About Headway Essex

Day Care Services

The Headway Centre in Colchester provides rehabilitative care to survivors of brain injury.  The centre is open five days a week.


Each day is structured differently in order to meet specific needs and levels of ability of clients who will attend once or twice a week depending on their needs.


People with brain injury attending the centre are helped with issues including improving personal health and self-care, increasing their understanding of how their brain injury has affected them, improving self-esteem and confidence, increasing independence and reducing social isolation.


Community Support Service

The Headway Community Support Service provides information, advice and support to people living with acquired brain injury and those who care for them.


The service provides home and hospital visits, telephone advice and support, literature, support group meetings, information days, carers seminars and a schools education programme to raise awareness of brain injury and how to prevent head injuries.



Headway Essex is an independently registered charity and relies on fundraising to sustain its services.


Please support Headway Essex if you are able.

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Headway Essex joins the Essex Lottery

Headway Essex is delighted to say that we have joined the Essex Lottery, which is expected to be one of the largest Council-run lotteries in the country! For every £1 ticket you purchase, 50p will go directly to your chosen cause, which if you choose Headway Essex, will be us! And, you’ll be in with a chance of winning up to £25,000.  

Not only will we receive half the proceeds, an additional 10p will be donated to a central Essex Lottery fund, which will see small grants given to a wide range of good causes in Essex.

Registering is free and easy to complete, with no administration charge. To register, visit www.essexlottery.co.uk


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