Headway Essex

Providing Brain Injury Care & Support

What We Do

Communication and Interpersonal skills

The understanding of brain injury and its effect on self, family, social and working life, to facilitate individual adjustment and to promote community integration.



Art Therapy

Addressing emotions and feeling using art as a medium



Adult Education

Re-learning lost skills




Re-learning lost computer skills and learning new skills




Improving knowledge, skills and independence through cooking



Quiz’s and Games

A fun activity to help improve many cognitive skills



Body Challenge

A specialist Neuro Gym Programme improving physical strength and stamina following brain injury



Trampolining Therapy

An enjoyable physical workout for all abilities




A fun social and physical activity




A fun and social activity which increases physical strength and co-ordination




A physical, social and creative activity



Trips out

A variety of visits to places of interest to reduce social isolation


Donate to Headway Essex

Headway Essex joins the Essex Lottery

Headway Essex is delighted to say that we have joined the Essex Lottery, which is expected to be one of the largest Council-run lotteries in the country! For every £1 ticket you purchase, 50p will go directly to your chosen cause, which if you choose Headway Essex, will be us! And, you’ll be in with a chance of winning up to £25,000.  

Not only will we receive half the proceeds, an additional 10p will be donated to a central Essex Lottery fund, which will see small grants given to a wide range of good causes in Essex.

Registering is free and easy to complete, with no administration charge. To register, visit www.essexlottery.co.uk


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