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Personal Stories

Virginia Mallick

"I was just walking down the stairs and I fell, it was as easy as that. I was in a coma for six weeks. When I eventually came round I discovered that I had hit my head and suffered a brain injury."

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Adrian Harris

"I was hit by a train on the 24th January 2004. I had fi nished my shift as a train driver and took a short cut across the track when it happened. A train hit me at 42 miles per hour and broke almost every bone in my body and damaged my head. I didn’t fly up in the air, or go under the train, but after the impact, was whisked along with it. I should have died, but I didn’t."

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Lawrence Plumb

"I was 26 working in France as a Banqueting Coordinator, a Doorman and a part-time model. My life was fun, fast paced and hectic. I worked hard and played hard. Things are very different now. I have to really concentrate to do even the basic tasks that before I did without a thought. I no longer work, I couldn’t cope with a busy lifestyle and need a lot of rest just to function, because using my brain takes a lot of my energy."

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