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Headway Essex Day Service


Headway Essex Day Service

The Headway Centre

The Headway Centre in Colchester offers direct care to survivors of brain injury. It is open five days a week, and benefits people through the rehabilitation activities it provides.


Each day at the Centre is structured differently in order to meet the specific needs and levels of ability of clients who will attend once or twice a week depending on their needs.


  • People with brain injury attending the Centre are helped with issues including
  • Improving personal health and self-care
  • Increasing their understanding of how their brain injury has affected them
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Increasing independence and reducing social isolation


Some people will only need Headway’s help for a few months while others may attend for a number of years, particularly where carers’ respite is required.


It may not always be immediately apparent what the benefits are from the various activities. Many activities require cognitive skills including concentration, memory, information processing, forward planning, and understanding commands or instructions; physical skills such as co-ordination and balance are required for others; and throughout virtually all activities, social skills are developed, including recognising other people’s needs, taking turns, listening and making yourself understood. These are all skills we take for granted but can be lost after brain injury.


Confidence building in social situations is a key part of rehabilitation at Headway as it can lead to people accessing college courses, voluntary work or even returning to work.


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